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Zoom Meeting 7: 07/04/21 Minutes

Summary: Meeting hosted by Sadeysa Bailey. There was a small group in attendance, the meeting started as an update. There is now a Sustainability sub group who are meeting every other month. They have been working on contributing to the Green Book which is being collated by AAPTLE members. You can find the second draft of the Green Book here if you would like to be a part of these conversations please email We had an update from Sadeysa about AAPTLE and how those meetings are progressing. They are now bi-weekly and it would be great if a team of us could try and attend some of these meetings. There is a large variety of sub-groups now too so please see the list below and if there is anything that interests you then please do email us at A brief update on mentoring. Our very own Nina Raines has hosted a coffee with creatives with a group of young people interested in scenic art. On top of this the mentoring section of the website has been updated and you can now send in anonymous questions here. There was a pooling of knowledge from the people on the call about scenic training to start to build an informative resource for the website where people can come to find out more about a wide range of scenic art training right from entry level to Higher Education and beyond. It would be great if we could review this document and add to it to get a comprehensive guide to go onto the website. Please view the document here and email any courses that you feel are missing to We also discussed the accessibility of the notes that we have been putting out and how we can make them less daunting as we are all very visual people. Any ideas on how this can be achieved are welcomed. The website is becoming more fully formed now. You can check out and sign up to the website here The May meeting was a Murder Mystery Social on the 5th July, which went really well! Keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming up in June. More information will be posted on the Facebook Group and in the What’sApp. If you are not in the WhatsApp and would like to be added please email your number to 1

There are also a series of one hour long seminars that are being run by Paddy Dillon (Theatre Greenbook Co-Ordinator) on Sustainability. They are on the 21st May and the 9th and 10th of June. You can view some more information and book your place to attend these free events here. Please also check the actions section at the top of this document to see where you may be able to contribute.

See both the full minutes and the condensed version below:

Full Minutes of Seventh Association of S
Download • 539KB

ASAM Meeting 7 condensed minutes
Download PDF • 504KB

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