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List of Suppliers

Scenic Supplies Plus

Scenic paint supplies.

0208 8037 400

Fast delivery (Free next day over £150) 


Get 10% off your Scenic Supplies Plus order using the code:
ASAM10 (enter at checkout)

Bentley Advanced Materials

Sculptor Supply

02087 516 521

Good customer service & technical knowledge
Many products imported from USA

Brian Josephs Hardware

Theatre General Supplier

0208 767 2887

URL is their current price list, this will change annually

Rosco, Bristol, scenic fabrics, tools


Family-run competitor for Flint's.
Delivery may cost more but will do same-day delivery for London post codes

Bristol Paint

Proper British scenic paint

01923 779333

sometimes ask you to buy from Flint's or BJ's depending on stock.

Always innovating.

Brodie & Middleton/Russell & Chapple

trad. paint supply: powder pigments

020 7836 7521

Wide range of old-skool products in a variety of sizes

Whiting, animal size, specialist brushes

Also do fabrics and making-up cloths

Centre Stage Engineering

Paint Bridge LOLER, counterweight testing

0844 499 6250

Friendly and helpful team.

Creffields Timber


Flame-Retardant materials specialists

0118 945 3533

Delivery free over £150, otherwise £30. 

Almost all products FSC, PEFC certified

Reading-Based, good prices on bulk orders

CustomPac Polystyrene*

block poly for carving.

01977 519339

Shipping Included, pallet delivery. Credit Card Only. 

Offer FR and different densities

Offer part-recycled


Flint's Theatrical Chandlers


0207 703 9786

£8.50 delivery on orders under £80 Net; £9.75 minimum for out-of-London

Dipping latex, modroc, Rosco, Bristol

Shop in Deptford.



Insulation company - supply idenden

Look for Bostik 30-150 Brushable Vapour Barrier Coating 


JD McDougall Ltd.

Scenic Fabrics, made-up cloths

0208 534 2921

Flame-Retardant materials specialists

Jacobson Chemicals

Silicones, expanding foam, resin, cleaning

01420 869 34

Mike and Andy run the show, very knowledgable, very nice. 

Hazmat Supplier

Shipping of hazardous items can get pricey.

Multifix-Bury Builder Supply

masking tape, PPE, cleaning, roller sleeves

020 3248 4086

Price each goes down the more you buy.
Great for screws and hardware, tools, extension leads

Fast deliveries

Notcutt Mould-Making and Casting

Sculptor Supply

01483 223311

Phone or Email for price lists

Jesmonite, plaster, cheap brushes

Mostly deal in bulk, good prices, very nice sales team

Neill's Materials

life-casting silicones, sculptor supply

01284 630028

Mould Life specialist, as well as own-brand products

The Paint Shed
Great website for trade standard paints, many offered as RAL mixing options 


Pentonville Rubbers

Foam-rubber supplier, furniture

0207 837 4582

Better to phone.

Shipping expensive.


Peter Evans Vac-Forming

pre-formed shapes from their catalogue

01582 725 730

Ring for paper catalogues and price lists, which can both be confusing

Where 90% of Britain's fake brick walls come from.

RS Components

Respirators, goggles, nitrile gloves

08457 201 201

Range of other products. Nice customer service.

Scenery Salvage (Green Clover)

set disposal, storage, haulage, prop hire

020 8367 2820

new name! new phone number! Same company..


brushes, rollers, filler, tile adhesive

03330 112 112

It's Screwfix. It's probably fine.

Smith & Rodger

Paints and shellacs, range of scenic products 
34 Elliot St Glasgow G3 8EA
Tel: 0141 248 6341
Free delivery

Scenic paints for collection and delivery - instagram

Stage Depot

Bristol Based stage and theatrical supplies

01173 250 336

Stephen Webster Plastics

high-impact polystyrene, vac-formable

01727 863 138

raw sheets of vac-form plastic in many thicknesses, colours, transparencies, material

Tilgear Tools for Schools

scissors, tape, acrylic paint, sandpaper

0845 099 0220

great option for bulk buys. Delivery free over £50. 

'they have really nice router bits'


Tiranti (Alec)

Sculptor Supply

Orders: 0845 123 2100

similar offer to Russell and Chapple in some respects, lots of hard traditional

plaster, silicone, gilding, resin, fillers, clay, jesmonite

Warren St: 0207 380 0808


Volund Timber

FSC certified full-length timber

07956 317 464

Great prices

020 88833500 (accounts)

POs only.


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