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Zoom Meeting 3: 10/09/20 Minutes

Meeting hosted by Carla Mardle, Sadeysa G. Bailey and Amy Rodger. There was a slight technical mishap at the start which delayed starting but the meeting was productive. We discussed how we communicate as an association and the platforms that we want to use going forward. It was agreed that work needed to be done on the interface of the website as well as creating a Facebook group where information can be cross populated between the two. We also discussed what we want to do with the association and it was agreed that it was about supporting one another from across the industry. We then started to discuss a mentoring programme and there were some volunteers that offered to attend a planning meeting for the next meeting which will be about mentoring. We decided that meetings will be on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm going forward and this will be re-evaluated as time goes on. Please also check the actions section at the top of this document to see where you may be able to contribute.

Minutes of Third Association of Scenic A
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