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Zoom Meeting 5: 04/11/20

Meeting hosted by Sadeysa Bailey. There was a small group in attendance, we caught up about the Website and the Facebook Group extensively before discussing the Virtual Christmas Party and what that may look like.

With regards to the progress on the website we thank Richard for his contributions. In order to develop the website further it was decided that it would be best to build a new website. Please check it out via the link here – - we ask that you sign in to be able to access all of the member’s functions. We thank Nina Raines for her ongoing work on this.

The Facebook Group is growing nicely – thankyou to everyone who has already joined if you wish to be a part of it please find the link here - - and invite all of your Scenic Friends! We have worked out how to utilize the topics function so that you can filter the group for relevant posts. We have also put up a pinned November post for any scenic’s who are seeking work or looking for assistants to put their CV’s there.

With the Virtual Christmas Party, we decided on having a Quiz with 5 rounds of 10 questions and 3 Quick Fire Rounds. We also spoke about the ideas of us all creating a Christmas/Festive Hat and utilizing the breakout rooms function on zoom to create teams to allow for more in depth socialization. We’d love to capture your availability and opinions on the Christmas party and the future of ASAM through this survey with the hope of making the event as inclusive as possible -

Minutes of Fifth Association of Scenic A
Download • 482KB

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